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Solar Trap™ Outdoor Insect Trap

Exclusive Value Added Service


  • 6 times on-site maintenance with report
  • SafePRO® Sticky pad replacement service
  • 100mL SmellGREEN® Natural Insect Repellent for free
  • External power pack (optional)
  • Stainless steel protection cage (optional)


Solar Trap™ is powered by solar energy instead of other power sources like LPG or electricity, it helps to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. So, this economical pest controller is environmental friendly and energy saving.

Solar Trap™ stops working and charges itself with its solar panel in the daytime. With one full charge on a bright day, it can be used up to 3 days (8 hours a day). Solar Trap™ is equipped with the optical sensor system. It will automatically charge in the day time, and activate during night time. Mosquitoes, midges and flying insects are attracted by the ultraviolet black light bulb and exhausted into the collecting net by the inhaling fan. Common blood-sucking flying insects are more active after sunset, thus Solar Trap™ captures flying insects at night so that they will not be seen in the daytime.


Benefits of Using Solar Trap™ Solar Power Outdoor Insect Trap


  • 24 hours operation (UV lamp and fan operates for 8 hours at night, machine switches to charging mode for the rest of the day) 
  • The device neither uses any chemical lure nor emit any toxic substance

Safe & Reliable


Solar Trap™ is composed with safety design fan, unlike other existing products, it doesn't have any danger from electrical shock, electrical short or fire. It is safe to place the device anywhere like schools, parks and playgrounds etc.

Certification: CE Certified (TK-CC110095)


For Statistical or Educational Purposes


After pests are captured by inhaling fan, pests are preserved well; therefore, it can be used for observation. Schools can use these for education and research activities.



  • Crop cultivating place: Orchard, Farms
  • Parks and gardens: Theme parks, Golf courses, Forests
  • Public institution: Playgrounds, Senior citizen center, Schools
  • Research and lab: Research institutes, Universities


Dimensions (Main Unit): 545mm x 510mm x 390mm

Coverage: 30,000 sq.ft

Solar panel: (16V/ 12.5W) x 2pcs

Auto control: DC 12V (No danger of short circuit, electric shock, and lightning)

Battery: DC 11.1V, 15A Li-ion battery

Fan: 1,200-1,500 rpm low speed high-flow rate suction, designed for safety

Lamp: U-violet Black Light Lamp (3W)

Weight: 16.5 kg

Origin: Korea

Patented Design: Korea Patent: 10-1049293 / 10-1098866, Design Patent: 30-0624931 / 30-0624932 / 30-0624933


Upon purchasing Solar Trap™ Solar Power Outdoor Insect Trap, one year warranty service will be offered, including free on-site maintenance & replacement of flying insect sticky pad (6 times in total).

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