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SafePRO® ULV Fogger

Product Applications


Space Disinfection and Mould Removal

The fogger is best used with the SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant, the small droplet size makes it very easy for the disinfectant to cover large areas and penetrate into narrow spaces or complex structures. 

The SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant not only can disinfect and clean surfaces, but also to be used as mould remover, simply spray it onto the surfaces and wait for no less than 3 minutes, and then wipe the mould off from any surfaces with a cleaning cloth.

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SafePRO® Formaldehyde (VOC) & Odour Remover

It is very suitable for spraying the SafePRO® Formaldehyde (VOC) & Odour Remover. Simple fog the area with the remover, wait for a couple of minutes to ventilate, and wipe the surfaces clean with a cleaning cloth. The remover is non-corrosive, suitable for wooden or metal surfaces as well.

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The fogger is designed for the use of space disinfection and pest control. They are ideal for commercial and residential accounts because of their compact size, stability, and the 6L capacity.

Product Features

  • The droplet size available extends from a power-mist (80 micron droplets) to ULV (20 micron droplets).
  • The output and droplet size can be easily selected with the adjustment knob on the nozzle
  • Tiny particle, high penetration, adjustable mist output up to 6-8m far



Dimentions: 48x22.5x26 cm

Capacity: 6L

Fog Reach: 6-8 metres

Flow Rate: 400mL/min (adjustable)

Droplet Size: 20-80 µm

Motor: Electric motor with 110/220v

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+Green Pest Management

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Bird Control

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  • Brand: SafePRO®
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