SafePRO® Mosquito-free™ Plant Fertilizer

Natural Fertilizer


SafePRO® Mosquito-free™ Plant Fertilizer contains MicroMix™, which is 100% Natural, environmentally friendly Bacteria-Enzymatic blend, used in Agriculture to improve quality, yield and overall plant health. SafePRO® contains carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients.

SafePRO® multiply rapidly feeding off the same substances which the larvae need to feed. It constrains the natural development of the mosquito larvae by starving it due to the enzymatic action on the larvae’s food.

Biological Control for Mosquitoes which does not rely on any toxic chemicals to be effective


Mosquito larvae are filter insects; they feed off mono cellular organisms and from dissolved substances in water (sugar, mineral salts etc.). These larvae do not only live in stagnant water but also in leaf recesses of plants (particularly the tiger mosquito) and anywhere else where they are able to rehydrate with any water containing vegetal exudates.

The larvae, particularly after hatching activates a filter mode with a restricted opening that does not allow the passage of nutrients larger than mono cellular organisms. The micro-organisms found in SafePRO® multiply rapidly feeding off the same substances which the larvae need to feed. In a brief time, food for the larvae is drastically reduced by the micro-nutrients that are transformed in excessive dimensions was to be utilized as food by the said larvae.

SafePRO® Mosquito-free™ Plant Fertilizer constrains the natural development of the mosquito larvae by starving it due to the enzymatic action on the larvae’s food. However the transformed food is bene¬ficial to Phytoplankton, Zooplankton, Bivalves, freshwater Crustaceans, Fish etc.



In live tests effected in Nicaragua, 75% of larvae elimination after seven days is recorded. After ten days 90 % of all larvae disappeared (the said larvae were Aedes Aegypti, main carriers of the Dengue Virus).



SafePRO® Mosquito-free™ Plant Fertilizer is a 100% safe, natural product, that is totally harmless to humans, pets, plants and insects. This natural competition is focused on the mosquito’s food requirements and it's ability to breed in clear and polluted waters, where food is found. All plants, invertebrates, fish, frogs and other bugs, are not affected in any way.

SafePRO® is produced in conformity with EU standards, free of animal or cell derived products and all pathogenic micro-organisms.

Benefits of Using SafePRO® Mosquito-free™ Plant Fertilizer


  • 100% Safe and non-toxic
  • Rehabilitate soils and improve plants quality
  • Reduce mosquito (especially female) populations
  • Over 90% of larvae elimination
  • No harm to humans and the environment
  • No harm to soil organisms and aquatic organisms (fish, daphnia, algae)
  • Effective for 30 days


Organic Nitrogen: 8%

Organic Carbon: 5%

Copper: 1.6%

Iron: 0.6%

Iron chelated EDDHSA: 0.15%

Zinc: 0.95%

Enzyme & Microbial Blend: 20%

Organic Matter: 55%

Water: 8.7%  



Apply 100mL (diluted 1:200) per 100m2 every 10 days for a total of three applications.

Apply with the same ratio once a month after the above application.

*The natural enzymes and microbes produce gases which may lead to swelling of the container, but please be assured that this is a normal phenomenon. We recommend to open the bottle cap once in a while to release the gases if not used for a period of time.*



South Africa

(Not a Pesticide)



500mL I 4000mL

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