SafePRO® Mega Blaster PRO Sonic Bird Repeller

Powered by solar energy, Mega Blaster PRO uses intermittent distress calls to create a “danger zone” that frightens infesting birds away for good.

Product Features


  • Two high-output amplifiers with specially-designed 20-speaker tower
  • Fully programmable – you control 8 sounds, volume and intervals
  • Programmable chips which contain different “recordings” for deterring different species
  • Weatherproof, NEMA Rated casing
  • Covers up to 30 acres (12 hectares)

4 Configurations Available


  • Agricultural # MEGA-AG
  • Crow / Raven # MEGA-CROW
  • Woodpecker # MEGA-WP
  • Marine / Gull # MEGA-MAR


Dimensions (Unit): 32" x 24" x 5 "

Weight: 17 lbs

Power: 12vDC (3 amps) via solar panel and battery

Sound Pressure: up to 125 dB

Frequency: 2,000 - 10,000 Hz

Coverage: up to 30 acres (12 hectares)

Compliance: UL and CE Listed EPA Est. 075310-OR-001

Origin: U.S.A

Manufacturer: Bird-X INC

Price (Installation not included): $64,800.00 / set

A generating unit with two built-in high-output amplifiers, 20-speaker tower with audio cables, 40 watt solar panel, battery clips and all mounting hardware



Landfills, airfields, fish farms and wastewater treatment facilities

Johnson Group is the sole distributor of Bird-X INC products in Hong Kong, Macau, China and Taiwan

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  • HK$64,800.0
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