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Ultrasonic & Sonic Repellers

Ultrasonic & Sonic Repellers
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SafePRO® Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

To stay away all flying and crawling pets once-and-for-all? The SafePRO® Ultrasonic Pest Repell..


SafePRO® Balcony-Gard Bird Repeller

SafePRO® Balcony-Gard Bird Repeller uses silent-to-humans, ultrasonic sound waves to repel annoyin..


SafePRO® Yard Gard Electronic Pest Chaser

Yard Gard deters pest animals with ultrasonic (nearly silent-to-humans) sound wave without hurting t..


SafePRO® Quad Blaster QB-4 Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

SafePRO® QuadBlaster QB-4 (Indoor and semi-indoor use) The Quad Blaster QB-4 is an ultrasonic s..


SafePRO® Sonic Bird Repeller

BirdXPeller® PRO broadcasts a variety of naturally recorded bird distress calls and predator cries..


SafePRO® Ultrason X Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

The Ultrason X is a high-quality ultrasonic bird repelling system and is the world’s first ultrasoni..


SafePRO® BroadBand PRO Sonic & Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

Complete bird control system combines both sonic and ultrasonic audio to get rid of pest birds with ..


SafePRO® Mega Blaster PRO Sonic Bird Repeller

Powered by solar energy, Mega Blaster PRO uses intermittent distress calls to create a “danger zone”..