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The Ultimate Roaches Solution

Posted by GreenSIR 12/12/2019 0 Comment(s)

The Ultimate Roaches Solution





Good news! You should not be worried about cockroach infestation anymore! The SafePRO® Cockroach Bait Gel has been restocked on GreenSTORE™.


If conventional sprays and trap houses do not work for you, the SafePRO® Cockroach Bait Gel will be your ultimate product to keep roaches from your household once and for all.


It is very easy to use, simply apply the Gel to where the cockroaches usually occur. After the roaches ingest the bait, they will carry the slow-acting insecticide back to their harborages, infecting and poisoning the whole cockroach population within the area as well. Most of the roaches will end up dead inside their harborages, keeping your environment clean.


The Gel is odourless, and proven to be safe for kids and pets in your household. It is suitable for kitchen use as well. 


  • Apply baits to where near cockroach harborages and along travel routes
  • Effective secondary transmission, kill the whole cockroach colony
  • Substantial decrease the cockroach population in 3 weeks


The product is currently in stock so act NOW!


Order of two or more portions also enjoy free delivery to your nearby S.F. Stores, S.F. Express Service Centers, EF Lockers and S.F. Service Points.



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How to use




  1. Simply apply spot treatment on where cockroaches nest or forage.
  2. Cockroaches locate and feed on the bait.
  3. Cockroaches return to their harborage with the bait.
  4. Intoxicated cockroaches die.
  5. Non-exposed roaches will succumb after indirectly ingesting the bait expelled in the sputum and feces of exposed cockroaches.
  6. The entire cockroach population will die eventually.


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