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Is DEET Safe for Children?

Posted by GreenSIR 29/05/2017 0 Comment(s) Pest Control,Health,


Do you know which anti-mosquito product suits you the most? Is it true to say that children should avoid using insect repellents containing DEET?

Summer is the hotbed for the spread of Dengue and Japanese encephalitis, so it is unavoidable and important to apply insect repellents in order to protect you and your family from mosquitoes.
Despite there are many different kinds of anti-mosquito products on the market, how they work is solely interfering the insects’ radar and sense of smell with scent. By covering the smell of CO2 and lactic acid released by our bodies with scent, it disables the insects’ ability of recognizing the CO2 released by humans’ bodies and even the existence of humans as well. Anti-mosquito products can be mainly divided into 4 categories, which are pure essential oil, IR3535, Icaridin and DEET.
Even though Icaridin and DEET are both recommended by WHO, many of the anti-mosquito products are still labelled as DEET-free. Do you know why?


Comparison in components and effects between Icaridin and DEET:


Insect repellents containing DEET:

DEET is a chemical substance with pale yellow color and odor which is synthesized and produced in America at 1946.
Despite the fact that DEET is the most effective anti-mosquito component, it is irritative. Overuse of DEET can be harmful to health and may lead to rash, tachypnea and even coma.
Adults and children should not apply the same insect repellent. The safety standard of DEET for adults is 30% whereas for children, it should be 10% or below. DEET is not suitable for infants aged under 2 months. Pregnant women should also avoid exposing to it. 
Do not apply DEET on pets. Side effects such as vomit, tremor, ataxia and excessive excitement may arise if pets consume DEET.

Insect repellents containing Icaridin /Picaridin:

Unlike DEET, Icaridin was invented and launched at 2000. It is also ranked as the most effective and safe insect repellent by WHO and AAP. Icaridin is almost colorless and odorless. It has low irritation towards skins and can be applied for long duration of time without adverse side effect. It is suitable for pregnant women and 2 months old or above infants.
20% of Icaridin can last for 8 hours, which is comparatively long lasting to other insect repellents and will not create burdens to bodies. 

Pure essential oil insect repellents:

Pure essential oil uses its scent to expel insects. The major components of essential oil are Cymbopogon, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Geraniol, Mentha, Lemongrass, Pelargonium and so forth. 
In terms of safety and irritation, pure essential oil is the mildest and a desirable choice for pregnant women and young children. 
Can be applied directly on skins. It is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial as well as relaxing effects.
Pure essential oil lasts for 2 hours since it volatiles and will be absorbed by skins when time passes. Even though there is a need to replenish, it is not harmful to our bodies.


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