Wahat Causes Allergies - Identify the Invisible Allergens

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Are you familiar with indoor air pollution? Allergens can possibly be hiding in a clean and tidy environment, even posing health risks to you and your family.


Having regular cleaning schedule does not mean that mould and bacteria are completely gone because they are constantly floating in the air and once they are inhaled by human body, they will trigger nasal allergy, headache and also lead to chronic respiratory diseases.


If you suspect or have been diagnosed with allergies, our allergy and allergens tests will help you to identify the source of allergens and carry out deep cleaning for the contaminated areas. You can also seek advice from your family doctor together with the test result and report for a suitable treatment plan.


Mould Identification Test (Air / Surface)



This test aims to identify the types of moulds by taming samples of indoor air or hard surfaces where mould growth is suspected.After the test service, you will receive a test report and our recommendations (related services and products) based on the results.




Identification Report


After sampling is completed, the samples will be sent to a laboratory in Canada. The lab has been accredited to ISO 17025 international standard by the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation (CALA) for identification.



Clean Mould and Anti-mould Protection


Mould Removal & Prevention Service





Anti-mould & Clean Mould Off the Walls and Ceilings to Inhibit the Growth of Moulds and Bacteria. Protection up to 12 Months.



Air Conditioner, FCU and Dehumidifier Cleaning & Sanitizing Service




Natural cleaner and anti-microbial coil coating, safe to humans and the environment. Provide 12 months anti-mould protection.



Entire Home Deep Cleaning & Sanitizing Service