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The More Toxic the Pesticides, the More Effective They Are?

Posted by GreenSIR 16/08/2019 0 Comment(s) Pest Control,

Highly toxic pesticides may cause harms to humans and animals, such as eye/skin irritation, respiratory tract irritation, and allergic sensitization. Besides, these generally are classified as flammable products. Improper use would lead to conflagration.



【PestAerosol™ · Ultimate Home Warriors】- 

   Safe enough to use on planes!


PestAerosol™ Insecticide


repel both flying and crawling pests in a breeze



Yellow Warrior (Multi-Shot Spray)

  • Effective against mosquitoes, midges, flies and small crawling pests


Blue Warrior (Multi-Shot Spray)

  • The strong and long lasting residual power can prevent and eliminate the infestation of crawling pests, such as cockroaches, fleas, silver fish, and ants


Green Warrior (One-Shot Spray)

  • For serious pest problems or after renovations

  • Replace insecticide fumigator

  • Effective against flying and crawling pests


Why PestAerosol™?


  • WHO recommended and EU approved active ingredient 

  • Boeing Airplane and Airbus recognized aircraft insecticide 

  • Ministry of Health Australia & New Zealand Approved 

  • AMS 1450A Certified 

  • Safe & Non-flammable 

  • 100% Made in France


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+DIY Pest Control Products


Other than those warriors, Bait Gel is suitable for sensitive places/areas, like kitchens, meat and poultry plants, food processing areas, hospitals, nursing homes and kids' rooms.




  • Safe and odourless

  • Infactible

  • Apply baits to where near cockroach harborages and along travel routes

  • Made in Korea


SafePRO® Cockroach Bait Gel



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SafePRO® Ant Gel

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