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Infrared Electronic Rodent Trap

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Clean and Odourless - The Infrared Rodent Nemesis



SafePRO® Electronic Rodent Trap features a thermal sensor, when rodents pass through the device,  the sensor will be triggered and the cover will close down immediately, trapping the rodent in the cage. By using SafePRO® Electronic Rodent Trap, rodents can be disposed immediately and you can avoid dealing with the foul odour of rotting carcasses inside the walls or areas that are out of reach. 


Product Features


  • No baits needed, no odour or harmful chemicals.
  • Uses 18650 Lithium batteries, stand-by for up to 7 days once fully charged
  • Easy to use, effective once placed properly
  • No noise, no high voltage electricity, safe for everybody.


The 3 Key Points to Rodent Control


Food Source

The main reason why rodents occur around our household is because they need food. Maybe they found food in our garbage, maybe they smell food in our home. As long as there is smell of food, rodents are willing to take the chance. First of all we need to cut off their source of food, covering up food storages and garbage, and cleaning up garbage more frequently will do. 

Block Rodent Holes
Usually rodents like to build their nests at high grounds, but they have to get to ground level in order to search for food and water. We should find their nest and the path they take entering our home under this principle. Rodents always get inside through holes, crevices or crack of doors, we should block them to prevent rodents.

Raxit® Door Seal (Ready-to-use) and the SafePRO® Rodent Sealant are effective in this regard.

Trapping Rodents
Blocking their paths and food sources is not enough to eliminate the rodent problem, we will have to take active measures. Using toxic bait is easy to bring corpses of rodents near us, causing other hygienic problems, therefore trapping them appears to be a better option. Apart from the SafePRO® Electronic Rodent Trap, Johnson Group GreenSTORE™
 provide a series of rodent trapping and rodent control products to help you staying away from rodent problems.


Johnson Group Rodent Control Service

There is no better defense against rodents than a tailor-made treatment plan from Johnson Group. A thorough inspection is a key to a successful rodent control. By looking for some common signs of rodent infestation like runways, droppings and gnaw marks etc, we can then determine the severity of the infestation. This information is then used to choose the appropriate control methods, tools and devices, and to determine when and where to use them.

If the area is large, or the problem has been too severe to handle, please do not hesitate to contact us for help.

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The GreenSTORE also provide as series of rodents control products, you may find them below: