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Are You Still Using Grandpa Recipes To Catch Rats?

Posted by GreenSIR 20/08/2019 0 Comment(s) Pest Control,

Are you still using conventional products like rat trap, glue trap and rodenticide...?



Rats are extremely intelligent creatures, they are highly social, curious, alert and capable of learning. The performance of conventional products keep dropping progressively because rats are able to learn from the lesson after they saw others are trapped, they therefore become wiser and harder to be trapped by the products. Therefore, you need a CHANGE in rodent control.


+Green Pest Management™ (+GPM)



+GPM is a key for the change of rodent control. It is part of the Johnson Group's efforts to educate public especially kids about the benefits of physical and least-toxic approach to manage pest problems, and encourage their interest in protecting the environment.


+GPM Rodent Control consists of 4 major categories including kill, catch, block, and repellent.



+GPM Rodent Control



Kill - Goodnature® A24 Rodent Trap Kit + Spotcam Solo




This is a comprehensive package to guard your place. Installing A24 with a Spotcam Solo not only provides a 24-hour monitoring, but also captures the moments of killing for your record.


Goodnature® A24

  • Safe

  • Non-Toxin

  • Humane

  • Easy to use 


Buy Now $1980


Spotcam Solo

  • 100% Wire-free

  • Powered by AA batteries

  • Night vision

  • Real-time alert


Buy Now $2280



Catch  - SafePRO® Electronic Rodent Trap


By using this trap, rodents can be disposed immediately rather than dealing with the foul odour or rotting carcasses inside the walls or areas that are out of reach.



Buy Now $1380



Block  - Raxit® Door Seal


The patented seals are developed in the flexible and durable material (Santoprene™). The 3.2mm wide Santoprene™ is galvanized with embedded acid resistant steel wires, which makes it virtually impossible for rodents and other pests pass through it.



3 different versions to fit your needs


1) Raxit® Door Seal (Ready-to-use)


  • Suitable for residential & office use

  • Free custom cut available

  • Combine with aluminum steel

  • 1m long


Buy Now $600/Metre



Installation Guide



2) Raxit® Door Seal (+Stainless-Steel Shielding Strip)


  • Suitable for commercial & industrial use

  • Combine with stainless-steel

  • Custom cut available


Learn More



3) Raxit® Stationary Seal



  • Suitable for stationary building components

  • Without steel/aluminum strip

  • Custom cut available


Learn More



SafePRO® Rodent Sealant

SafePRO® Rodent Sealant is an animal-friendly pest-control and sealing paste used for preventing ingress from rodents and other pests. Once applied, the barrier is immediately active.


The stickiness of the product prevents rodents from gnawing through. There are metal fibres inside SafePRO® which cuts the rodents' mouth when they try to bite through.



Buy Now $420



Repellent - SafePRO® Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller

SafePRO® Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller produces sound waves with variable frequency in the range of 30,000 Hz to 60,000 Hz. The frequency is continuously varying in order to prevent the pests from building up immunity.


Buy Now $390